The attorneys at the Handy Lawyer firm have been infatuated with the Jaycee Dugard case because of the hardships the victim endured as a prisoner for 18 years. It’s a story of great perseverance and courage where the light at the end of the tunnel was materialized. What the Handy lawyers love about this case is the opportunity to know what went on behind closed doors. Jaycee Dugard didn’t keep any secrets out of reach after her release from the hell-hole that was practically two decades of her life.

Here’s what happened: At 11 years old, Jaycee Dugard was playing in the outside yard of her home in South Lake Tahoe, California, when a perpetrator drove away with her in his car. Her father saw the man leave with the car and tried to follow the car by bike, in which he was unsuccessful. Jaycee Dugard later reports in her court testimony of how the kidnapping occurred that her abductor had used a stun gun to cause her to lose sensation in movement and eventually black out when she was in the escape van. She was then brought to the home that would become her prison for 18 years, forced to wear no shoes and a blanket on her head as she was escorted to a small shed that held tarps and lose ends in the backyard. As a young girl, she was forced in solitude for a good one year following her abduction. The perpetrators included Philip Garrido and his wife Nancy Garrido. However, he did not know of Nancy until well into the imprisonment. Philip had sexually assaulted her every single week for three years until she would get pregnant, which she did at the ripe age of 13 years old and delivered the baby at 14 years old.

The lawyers at Handy ate up the testimony that Dugard gave of the abductors that didn’t even believe they were doing anything wrong. Garrido was a sick man who was trying to create a family for himself through cruel, wrongful actions. It cost 18 years of solitude and unhappiness for Jaycee, who was called “Allissa” during the entirety of her captivity. She was chosen to pick a name. This was what the Handy lawyers like to call a method to dis-identify the victim from their old self prior to the abduction and get them fully accustomed with their new role in the cruel dynamic. Garrido would often use drugs as a vehicle for living out his fantasies with the poor, young Jacyee Dugard. His sickly mannerisms allowed Jaycee to feel the love only from Philip in a place where she felt like she had no one else. Being in solitude for so long, she was lonely and would desire any moment of humanity she encountered between others. So when he wasn’t hurting or demeaning Jaycee, Philip would give her hugs and make her feel loved.

Being held in captivity for so long caused Jaycee to fear the outside world. She never tried to physically escape for fear of what her perpetrator would do to her, and she had no idea what she would do in terms of money. She was told many times by Philip Garrido that no one loved her or cared about her outside the small world of captivity that became her reality. After the “Family” went together to Berekely to inquire about the potential of hosting a religious event at the local University, the strange incident was reported and Jaycee Dugard was finally outed by the police. She could live a life of freedom with her two children, something she was still learning to do, while Philip Garrido was sentences to over 400 years in prison and his wife Nancy to 35 years of life in prison.



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