Why our legal firm is the best

Serious criminal accusations can change your life for the worse, that's why our team of Ivy league professionals know how to strategically defend your case so that you come out on top.


You'll feel like you're in trusted hands as our legal team gets all the facts straight so that you they can defend you to the best of their ability. We understand the predicament of your situation as we have been there countless times before, and we are driven to make your case a success story for the protection of your future.


From defending your case in the court to meetings at our Handy Lawyer location preparing you for the trial, we will ensure that your case is represented with justice and integrity. The quality of our work is first class, and we will go through all lengths of the law to meet your end goal.


We know that criminal cases take great stride in the public eye, so that's why we also work with reputation management companies to keep your identity at bay while you go through this turbulent time. While the judgment can never be certain, we will work to put all odds in your favour through elevated astuteness for the law and command of the case.

The Handy Lawyer legal firm provides continuous support for all criminal law suits. Whether it be in the case of drug charges, DUI, Violation of Probation, Theft, White Collar Crimes, Domestic Violence or Mugshot Removals… we have got you covered as the ideal New York legal firm to defend your case.

You need someone you can trust. You need the optimal confidante where you have complete faith that all your inquiries and worries will be tended to in an efficient manner. The Handy legal firm is thankfully just that. We have seen hundreds of cases in our 50 years of existence, and have recently relocated to central New York to make it our life’s mission to reduce crime and take care of those who have been had the misfortune of being victims of injustice. However, we also understand how damaging a false accusation an be to someone’s reputation and life. That’s why we are here to support both sides. We will listen to your story and take your case into our own hands as if it is our own.

The Handy Lawyer firm has racked up a plethora of accolades for our unwavering fellowship, faith and astuteness when it comes to defending or prosecuting your case. Our team is selected from Ivy league legal schools, only making up the best of the best to have by your side. Our own founder, Harold Johnson was the top of the class at Harvard Law School, having earned a previous business degree at Yale University. Johnson attended law school at the same time as Previous First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama.

Let us protect your reputation and allow for your voice to be heard–whether it be on the prosecutors or defendants’ side.

We have won some of the most public cases from domestic violence to white collar crimes. Especially since sexual abuse has been in the public’s eye recently, it is imperative that you know we are here to take the lead and tell the judge the truth when it comes to the facts and your intentions to what has occurred. In matters of domestic violence, the prosecutor will come at the defendant in full-fledge force. They will stop to nothing to bring you down, even if it is not warranted. Our world-renowned team is conscious of how much collateral impact such offences can have on your life, that’s why we want to be your handy weapon of defence. These matters are delicate, yet we are fully-equipped to handle all directions under the law to meet your end goal– a successful winning of the case and release of such weighty accusations to your integrity. It is our dedication to serve you in a professional and proactive manner. Wondering how domestic violence can impact your life for the bad? It can mean that you will no longer wake up to the voice of your child as they get ready for school. That you cannot speak to them, let alone feel their warm embrace before you tuck them away to bed. It may mean that the job you have spent 30 years of your life working towards is gone down the toilet in one smooth smack. Perhaps you own a dental office? This false (or true) accusation can mean that you are no longer in business. Your life’s work was all for nothing. Your relationship with your spouse will also be hindered for good.

It’s critical that you seek legal counsel at Handy Lawyer if you have been accused of violent crimes, such as first degree or second degree murder. Perhaps you did it out of self defence, or it was a mistake. But it is almost certain that if you are the defendant of this case then you will be sentenced to time in prison. Let our team of experts who know precisely how to create the best defensive strategy that will help soften the blow of your sentencing.

From the most serious of crimes, we have been there at your defence. Call us for your first consultation today and we will ensure that we use all the facts in your favour.



Meet our team of legal experts

Trained by world-renowned defence lawyer, Harold Johnson, these Ivy-league educated lawyers are the best in New York
Jonah Huntsman

Jonah Huntsman

A Yale law school alum, Hunstman is impassioned by representing all sides of a case. He performs a dazzling case before the judge, always managing to catch the other parties off guard.

Tiffany Roy

Tiffany Roy

Roy is amongst one of the most renowned attorney in the Handy Lawyer office. She may appear kind, but she can be justly vicious in court when need be. This Harvard Law graduate has a strong, unwavering belief in the justice system, and always commits to representing her clients in a good light within the law's constraints.

Jessica Willows

Jessica Willows

Willows is a Harvard Law alum with an undeniably sixth sense that Senior Partner Johnson also holds. She knows what the opposing party is going to swipe out as evidence, and always has a respectful rebuttal to represent her clients in the highest dignity.

Cody Kindle

Cody Kindle

Kindle is a Princeton graduate, known for his wit and charm in and out the office. He has a deep-seeded and empathetic desire to help both sides of criminal cases. You'll feel that your life, your reputation and your case is 100% safe with Kindle.


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