At Handy Lawyer, we have dedicated a lifetime to defending your cause. Our Ivy-league trained lawyers have dealt with hundreds of difficult cases–some that even seemed to be a losing case–and have maintained a winning rate of 55%. As a firm that specializes in defending criminal cases, 55% is an astonishingly high industry rate.

If you wish for a prosecuting lawyer, we are also the right firm for you. We have been on both ends of the spectrum and can thus prepare to the best of our abilities what the other side will conjure up during cross examinations. We also place high importance in preparing our clients for interviews–always having their back when the law is involved. Think of us as your handy, first call of defence as you find yourself in a troubling and life-altering situation.

Our founder Harold Johnson is a reputable lawyer who has been even offered to become a judge. However, his commitment to speaking up for the client in the boardroom has caused him to continue running the Handy Lawyer firm as a senior partner himself.

Johnson, a board-certified lawyer in criminal law, first brought the attention to our firm in the late 70’s for his great defence strategies in cases of white collar crimes. This is because his ability to deal with a string of complex evidence and facts has allowed him to manifest a counter defence like none other. Johnson has trained his team with this sixth sense of knowing what the other party is going to bring up in court, and always preparing against it.

In white collar crimes especially, many of our clients have spent decades of their life climbing the figurative ladder to gaining the ranks in their career. Their reputation is not something that should ever be taken lightly, and that is something that we know how to deal with with delicate astuteness and guidance. That’s why we’ve embarked on a partnership that no other New York legal firm has done before us. We have joined forces with online reputation management (ORM) companies to help create a positive online reputation for yourself as you go through the turbulent times of these charges.

We take all charges very seriously, and will be here to help you even if you feel that you are in the wrong. At the end of the day, you deserve to be represented fairly and justly before the judge. And in all measures, we will ensure a proper defence against your case.

If you believe that you simply had a heated moment, or a lack of judgment, that left you with a charge against domestic violence of some sort–then you still need proper defence. The law does not discriminate. If you made a split-second decision, the negligence and guilt is on your part and you could be facing up to a year of jail time and many fines on top of that. This is not a feat that we take with a light heart, and nor should you. You need to be represented by the best first-class criminal firm, Handy Lawyer. Please reach out to us for your first consultation.