There’s an undeniable fascination with criminal cases as millions of viewers enjoy watching televised shows of this nature, ranging from Criminal Minds to Law and Order and even Dexter. As a criminal lawyer firm, we are accustomed to the press coverages and media surrounding our own cases, especially when celebrities are involved. Despite all that goes on in the media, we have managed to maintain rigorous control over how intrusive and involved the media can get with our cases. At Handy Lawyer, our priority is you, the client, and how we can ensure that your trials are executed as smoothly as possible.

The O.J. Simpson Case — the Case of the Century¬†
The criminal case of the century can be fondly remembered by two little words: O.J. Simpson. At the time, the case had more than 5 million spectators than that of the SuperBowl. The intrigue of Simpson’s car (and helicopter) chase prior to getting held in custody by the police was only the beginning of the public’s interest for the entire campaign. The image was painted perfectly for Simpson’s life sentence in jail, and his verdict as guilty despite the defendant’s case. This was a story of a man who was a seasoned physical abuser against his ex-wife, Nicole Brown–the same woman who was murdered. Brown had made recounts of at least eight phone calls to the police, crying out in fear that Simpson was going to beat her. Encrusted in domestic violence,¬† the prosecuting party brought forth much incriminating evidence against Simpson. One of the most popular exhibits was that of the white glove, stained with Simpson’s blood and that of the two people he was accused of murdering: Brown and Goldman. Arrest records were also brought into the court room, demonstrating that Simpson was charged with beating and hitting his wife in 1989–photos of which demonstrated Brown’s severely injured face that was bruised purple and brown with droplets of blood were shown to the court. However, the defence attorneys argued that a very minute fraction of husband’s who abused their wives ended up murdering them as well.

So many details were picked apart and thrown around by the defence, even though Simpson seemed undoubtedly guilty for first-degree murder on two counts. The concept of racism was apparent in this case, as one of the chief LAPD officer’s who found the evidence was charged with perjury for having used defamatory, racial slurs of African Americans within ten years of the case despite having stated otherwise. This fact later assumed that certain pieces of evidence were hampered with by the same officer, such as bloodied socks that indicated the presence of anti-coagulant in the blood. Despite having only a few months to get the case ready for court, the defence team hit all the correct strikes in order to bring the prosecution down. For instance, another form of evidence showed that the footprints matched the same size as Simpson’s–although they were of a rare brand and style that under 30 people in the world owned. At all costs, the defence team fought back stating that there was no proof that Simpson had ever worn or owned such shoes. This sparked a great shoe debate, until only after the court moved onto different topics did images of Simpson with the same shoes come to full force by freelance photographers. In the end, the verdict was that Simpson was not guilty of the case, despite several jurors stating that they did believe Simpson murdered the two victims. The fact of the matter remained that the prosecuting side did not offer enough evidence to incriminate Simpson beyond a reasonable doubt. Racial and police hampering were slyly brought into the case by the opposing attorneys, labelled the Dream Team.

Handy Lawyer is Your Dream Team

The O.J. Simpson story demonstrates the ardent attention to detail and ability to render most evidence practically null by the defence team. At Handy Lawyer, we believe in justice. And part of that justice is to represent our clients to the best of our ability. In criminal defence cases, we understand how imperative it is for the prosecuting side to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. It can mean that an innocent man or woman may spend a lifetime in jail without deserving it. The Dream Team of the O.J. Simpson case is something that we at Handy Lawyer strive to be for all our criminal cases. Whether it be domestic violence or first-degree murder as was the aforementioned case, let the Handy Lawyer criminal firm be your go-to dream team for all matters that are troubling your reputation.