When you’re in law school, you  may believe that once you finally make it as a lawyer that your world will be glamorous. Perhaps you picture glasses topped off with expensive champagne and wine, travels across the country to meet up with high-scale clients and smashing all the opposing party’s arguments while standing your ground in court. You think of the television shows and movies that glamourize the fast-paced life of an attorney. Nonetheless, your professors surely have spoken of the many late nights spent cooped up indoors while your family and friends are out there celebrating July 4th. You’ll have to put your friendships and relationship on the back burner for your intensive career, especially when you are first starting out. While the lawyers at Handy make sure to take care days and encourage healthy habits from all employees-because in the end the mental and physical health of our employees has a direct relationship to the service rendered to the client-we still thought it would be nice to give aspiring lawyers a microscope understanding into what it means to hold this accreditation next to your name.

Perfectionism is a Trait to Be Reckoned With

As a lawyer, you will be given short notice of work that you need to get done within a tight deadline. This can easily bring you out of service from family or friend affairs that you had planned from the very beginning of the month. As a lawyer, especially one of criminal defence, you learn that your confidence needs to be at an all time high. Even if you are not a firm believer that the case will get resolved–we never recommend lying to the client though–you must act as though it is all under control and that the client mustn’t worry about the state of the case. If you don’t exude great confidence, then you may not get hired back from the same client. Also, perfectionism is a virtue that must be minutely followed as a lawyer. You should ensure that you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed all your t’s, for if you miss a mark it could cost your case millions of dollars and your client’s freedom. Mistakes in law are not normally minimal. They can have a grave effect on the outcome of your case. We’ve found that some of our Handy lawyers will go out of their way to find mistakes in other lawyers’ arguments. Finding the loopholes is what we call our favorite mind game in the office. It’s all a puzzle in the end, trying to eloquently decipher where the pieces were to start from and where they currently are. It’s not uncommon for our attorneys to deal with insomnia. They truly care about their clients and need to be the superhero while their clients’ deal with their most vulnerable life moments.

Viewing the World Through Tainted Glasses

The glasses here are not rose-tinted. In fact, they are a deep blue color indicating the pessimistic traits that our attorneys embody. While many success coaches and authors of self-help books might yap on about the importance of thinking positive thoughts, most lawyers look at life with a negative perspective. While Handy is always making legal decisions, it’s imperative to think about the hidden motives that one might have. Our lawyers are always looking for problems found within their clients’ past to reframe the situation in a more positive light. The distrust lawyers have render into a bitter and tense collegiality with one another. Many negotiations will go sour, motions will be struck without any true purpose and cases will be lost. This is simply the name of the game. However, some lawyers think that the other lawyers in the firm are out to get their position, therefore an environment that ebbs on helping one another is not present.

A Handy Lesson to Remember

While feeling like asking others in the firm for help will make you look weak or distrusting others from having positive motifs may come off as the nature of this profession, our firm tries to do things a little differently. We gauge performance not simply by the work and results of our attorneys but also by what they do to help the community. We ensure that our lawyers take over at least two pro bono cases every year, and that they also get involved in company team building events that promote trust and honesty. As a team, we choose one charity every year to fundraise for in which all our attorneys take part in making the event become a reality. The fundraisers always occur in Central Park, New York. We also have policies where all Handy attorneys must mentor one another, where advice and questions should always be offered. The “my door is always open” concept is something that we firmly believe in since miscommunication can be detrimental to the client’s case. Only good things can come out of a concrete, positive team that wishes all their client’s to seek freedom.

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