What No One Tells You About Being A Lawyer

Whether or not you’re a lawyer at a criminal firm such as at the office here at Handy Lawyer, or a prosecutor for civil cases, you may feel wildly misunderstood by the media. People think that there is great glitz and glam attached to the job, yet they don’t truly understand what it means to be a lawyer. Let us take a moment to debunk your every stereotype.


Trials Aren’t What They’re Made Up To Be On TV

Onlookers who aren’t fully aware of what the legal profession entails think that all attorneys have snippy, witty remarks to make that will combust any of the opposing party’s arguments to dust. Ask any court clerk you meet and they’ll tell you that the court room is not what it’s pegged up to be on the media as it is in real life. Interesting moments are rare, despite them being portrayed as a commonality. If you don’t already know, lawyer like to talk a lot. They’ll drone on and on about a single topic, bringing out the fanciest vocabulary and the most complex articles in the law to try and impress the judge and the jury. It’s not as sharp-edged and to the point as most people believe it to be.

They’re Not Often On Their Feet All The Time

If you enjoyed a good episode of Suits then it seems as though the legislators are always on their feet, in between meetings with the firm partner, colleagues or friends, or running back and forth from the court room to the office. Sure, there will be a few scenes where the lawyers are spotted eating Chinese food over a stack of thick files. The best lawyers pretty much live in the office, working on crafting together the best defending argument. The client comes first at all costs.

The truth of the matter is that the majority of an attorney’s day is spent writing memos, pleads and letters concerning how the law can be applied and understood. It’s not simply about opening up a thousand word Civil Code and going by the book. It’s all about the implicit understanding of what each article means and how it can be applied differently to a distinct, individual case. The attorneys at Handy Lawyer spend at least 90% of their time sorting through all their paperwork, figuring out the best way to represent the law in the name of their client’s case.

It’s Not Always About Changing The World

There are many keener law students out there whole believe that they will change the world after succeeding at the bar exam through the touch of justice. While the attorneys at Handy Lawyer all firmly believe that justice must be sought, not every lawyer thinks that way. Most lawyers will listen on and on to their client complain or give new arguments about their case simply because they are getting paid to do so. Every single hour counts towards bloating up our lawyer’s pay checks. Time really is money, and although we are not certified psychologists we sometimes fall into the profession of it. Understanding the psychographics of your client and making them feel like we are here to protect them is one way we strive to change the world. During a person’s most vulnerable life moments, our Handy lawyers are your stable support system, using the law to back you up.


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