Gang Violence in New York City

Gang violence is an issue that the criminal justice attorneys at Handy undoubtedly have as the crux of many cases. Everyone in America, no matter if you’re from New York or Los Angeles or some other city, knows a little bit about the Bloods and the Crips. However, do you truly understand the marginalization and deeply-rooted history in which these gangs were founded in? Sure, many individuals living in New York’s Upper East Side would stray away from all ghetto neighbourhoods residing in the City for the knowing that flying bullets and rowdy drug deals are not an uncommon scene in the territory of Harlem, for instance. The Bloods, having started in Los Angeles, took precedent in New York City as a group of approximately 600 individuals began imitating the same California gang culture in order to provide themselves with instantaneous culture and reputation–a crux for their incessant poverty and African-American marginalization against higher authorities. They are known for etching three burned dots on their forearms, a shape resembling a triangle, and walking up to strangers by slashing their faces with a box cutter as a part of the Bloods ritualization process. Did you know, however, that the majority of these gangs fornicate in jail ?

The Three Predominant Gangs in New York Jails

It has been said that more than 20% of inmates in New York jails belong to a gang–residing in even more dangerous environment for other inmates and jail guards. State officials have considered moving gang members to a separate jail entity altogether, although this measure has not yet been embarked on. The three main gangs that one can find in jail are the Bloods, the Latin Kings and the Netas–all of which Handy lawyers have represented as clients before. While both the Netas and the Latin Kings ruled the jails at one point in time, the Bloods have taken the high stride by leaps and bounds. While at first these inmate-turned-gang-members were seen wearing red sweatshirts and bandanas in order to showcase their membership to the rest of the inmates, those items have now been banned to discourage membership. This hasn’t stopped the gang from showing their true colors, as they have opted to wear red shoe laces around their pinkie finger along with red watches. The Bloods that reside in jail will dominate the channels that they wish to watch on television, who has access to the telephones onsite, and also will find ways to sneak in difficult-to-render goods such as sneakers, cigarettes, drugs and soap. They also use their symbolic slasher ritualization play to other inmates.

A Handy Guide to The Bloods

The Bloods are made predominantly of African-American individuals, however they have allowed other ethnicities to seek membership in order to keep their numbers high. Therefore, Greeks, Chinese, Hispanics and Caucasians also make a substantial part of their group. While there is a straight hierarchy that exists in this gang, the motto still survives that no one Blood is better than the next. Cases that Handy lawyers specifically have had to deal with for gang members of this group have been countless murders, rapes, extortion, drug deals, robberies and thefts to name a few. If you  look back from the late 1990s–this group of misfits was responsible for more than 50% of stabbings (along with their tell-tale slashing) from April to August in 1997 alone.

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