1. Conduct Extensive Research and Background Checks

Criminal defense lawyers cannot be classified as any ordinary lawyer. They are a special breed that has been carefully plucked out of a pool of attorneys based on their ability to do extensive research on the client’s life background and facts of tough-to-win cases. At Handy Lawyer, the professionalism and approachability of our attorneys is put on a pedestal. What makes our lawyers consistently successful is their ability to provoke sympathy in the judge’s eyes through intensive background checks. Handy lawyers will go through extensive lengths to interview the client’s family, acquaintances, colleagues and friends to receive a wholesome perspective of the client’s upbringing and perceived reputation. Was there a moment or period of time that the client forgot to mention that may add some resolve as to ingrained suffering? You can bet that Handy Lawyer will find out, thus resulting into our long-winded success in the industry.

2. Maintain Objectivity and Honesty

Some criminal defense lawyers become incredibly involved in their cases, as was discussed in our last blog post. While this helps to harbour relationships between client and attorney, some which may become long-term if the client rebounds back into the same habits, we believe that remaining objective and instilling a level of honesty with our clients is the way to success. Clients in this field need a regular reality-check. We will strive to do the best we can for you; from getting the least amount of jail time and getting your story be told truthfully and comprehensively; However, our clients are aware of the repercussions that they may be facing. It’s the name of the game–the law will always win.

3. Allow for Personal Implications

This is not to be mistaken with taking things too personally, as we stand by the importance of objectivity regarding the defendant’s case. Do you want to know what’s a sure-fire way to lose a case mid-way through? The client’s inability to access their lawyer whenever they feel they need guidance or further explanation about the facts in play. Our firm has a rigorous policy in place that evaluates our attorney’s on their personal involvement with their clients–Handy lawyers will see this through and through, from the signing off of the contract until the judgment day. What we truly mean by personal implications is givingĀ  the client enough time to digest the possibilities of their case and allowing them to reach out whenever they deem necessary. Our goal is to instil confidence within all our clients.

4. Be an Expert Conversationalist

When cross-examining witnesses, our lawyers at Handy must be professionally adept at getting witnesses to “spill the beans” in light of our client’s more positive reputation. They use in-house, go-to strategies that will get the witness to divulge pertinent information that will help make our case a success story. A highly successful criminal defense lawyer knows the tactics to get as many witnesses in the courtroom as possible to help strengthen their arguments against the plaintiff.

5. Know Your Competition

Finally, knowing your competition can be brandished amongst all industries in the business world. Being a New York litigator is a competitive job, and we make certain to analyze the cases that we have dealt with as well as those that our competitors have handled. After every case, the lawyers at Handy Lawyer get together to evaluate what went well, what didn’t go as well as we’d hoped and what can be improved on. We will also take note of the various strategies our opposing parties took into effect to help get the upper-leg on the case. Maintaining extensive records of your cases and learning from them is the only way to improve your service offerings to new, potential clients or even the recurring ones.

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below on what trait you believe makes for the optimal criminal defense lawyer. We will be glad to share your insights with the rest of the Handy Lawyer team!

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