We have posted many blogs about high-scale criminal justice cases that have taken up in the public sphere, but the truth of the matter is that the majority of the cases that we see at the Handy Lawyer firm are not as gruesome and popular. Criminal attorneys, especially those that represent the defense, often get a bad rap. This is unfortunate because at the end of the day, all people deserve to be represented no matter the crime they have committed. Ask any lawyer in the hall of our New York-based Handy Lawyer firm and they will tell you about all the one-sided questions and judgment they get from friends and family members. Acquaintances will be quick to ask, “How can you sleep at night knowing you defend criminals” and our first inclination is to state that we don’t defend the crime, we defend the person. Most of the time, our cases will not even go to trial before a jury. We will work out a settlement with the government and state beforehand so that our client can get the best settlement within the evidence provided and the statutes of the law.


What most people don’t realize is that as a criminal legal firm, we truly are helping people. Good people do make mistakes, and that’s something we live by. Mental illnesses are something that we see on the regular, where some clients will commit a crime that they greatly regret on account of their alcoholism or drug abuse. We’ve also seen clients with schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder or great depression and this too stimulated unwarranted behaviour that the client so badly wishes they could go back in time and erase. As a criminal justice lawyer, your sole objective is not to get your client off scot-free if the evidence doesn’t present itself but to be that representative in the name of the law that they can fall back on. It’s not uncommon to find some of our attorneys, such as Jessica Willows, who gravely believe in the underdog. Imagine the weight that the person who is facing legal repercussions for a crime that they regret–their greatest life mistake–must have on their shoulders? It can almost be unbearable, and that is why we are here to help.

The majority of our clients are not murderers. They’re not felons who have made four or five crimes in their lifetime. They’re everyday people who have made a one-sided poor moment of judgment and may be facing years in prison for it. We have represented teachers, doctors, lawyers, celebrities, mechanics… you name it! We’ve seen it all, and not all these people are crooked. In fact, many of our lawyers at the Handy Lawyer firm end up developing relationships with their clients where they feel emotionally invested with how their life turns out many years down the line. We’ve had it happen many times before where a previous client will come back and deeply thank us for the help we’ve handily provided them with during some of the most troubling and regretful moments of their lives. Think about it this way: When their family and friends shun them, we are there to pick up the slack and give them verified legal support.

So next time you meet a Handy Lawyer or any other criminal defense lawyer, there’s no need to ask them how they sleep at night. Give them the respect they deserve, and understand that every single person in society deserves to be represented in the name of the law.

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